10 Things to Do With Ashes After Cremation

A loved one passing away is devastating and planning a funeral can be overwhelming as well. If the body is cremated, you have to decide what to do with the remains. There are many different, unique, and memorable options to deal with the cremation ashes, beautifully honoring the deceased’s memory.

Here are 10 ideas that can help you make decide what to do with the ashes after cremation.

10 Things to Do With Ashes After Cremation

1. Keep the Ashes in an Urn

The most traditional way to keep the remains of your loved ones is to keep the cremated remains in an urn. There is an extensive range of urns available for you to choose from, including:

Standard Urns: A standard-sized urn is large enough to store the ashes of a grown adult. It is typically made from different materials such as metal, wood, marble, or glass. You can also get an urn personalized with engravements and decorations if you wish to.

Keepsake Urns: A keepsake urn is a smaller urn designed to store a small portion of ashes. It is best suitable for family and friends who want to share their loved one’s ashes.

Companion Urns: A companion urn is ideal if people want to hold combined ashes of two individuals such as spouses, parents, siblings, grandparents, pets with owners, etc.

Biodegradable Urns: A biodegradable urn is made for natural and eco-friendly materials and a great way to cherish your loved one’s memory who cared about sustainability and the environment.

2. Interring the Ashes

Many people choose to get their ashes buried or placed in a permanent place after the cremation, known as Interment. You can bury the ashes-filled urn in a burial plot or a cemetery or place it in a columbarium, an area with small niches designed to keep urns.

Water burial is another popular tradition, ensuring a peaceful resting place for your loved ones, especially if they loved the water. You can place the ashes in a waterproof and biodegradable urn and release them into the sea.

Interment can also be done in a landscape, choosing a fountain, bench, or other fitting places in your garden to hold the ashes.

3. Scatter the Ashes

One beautiful way to say goodbye to the deceased is to scatter their remains and let the wind take them. However, before scattering the ashes, make sure to note the local laws regarding them. Even though most states have legalized the practice, it can vary. You can also scatter the ashes in various national parks but remember to take permission from the park rangers.

Many cemeteries have a scattering garden where you can spread the ashes if you choose to.

Or launch the ashes into space with the help of meteorological balloons. The balloons are filled with helium that carries eco-friendly urns all the way to the edge of the space. Upon reaching 100,000 ft, the balloon and urn burst, scattering ashes all over the place.

4. Plant the Ashes as a Tree

If you wish to transform your deceased family and friends into a tree, woodland burials are a great option. It involves planting ashes within the roots of trees, sprouting new life.

5. Travel With the Ashes

See the world with the ashes of your loved one, especially if they had a passion for adventure and traveling.

If the deceased wanted to go to a specific country but did not get the chance, it could be a great way to honor their wishes. You can also scatter a tiny amount of ashes in each place you visit.

6. Put the Ashes in Cremation Jewelry

A way to hold your loved ones close no matter where you are is by incorporating their ashes into keepsake and memorial jewelry.

Necklaces: A cremation necklace is a vial of ashes attached to a chain and is a discrete thoughtful way to keep the ashes close. You can customize it according to your preferences.

Bracelets: If you don’t like to wear necklaces, a cremation bracelet is another option. Most bracelets are made of metal and have an interior compartment to store a small number of ashes. You can also get bracelets engraved or add gems as per your liking.

Rings: A cremation ring is the most popular when it comes to keeping ashes. It is made of resin and ashes, with various stones and gems.

Hourglasses and Keychains: If you do not prefer jewelry, incorporate ashes in hourglasses and keychains. Cremation hourglasses can be a beautiful reminder to live life to the fullest, cherishing the passing of time.

Diamonds: Cremated diamonds are a type of memorial jewelry made using a carbonized process where ashes are transformed into diamonds.

7. Get a Tattoo with the Ashes

After cremation, you can use the ashes to get a tattoo. Getting ink in the memory of people who have passed away has become quite popular nowadays, and you can do that by incorporating ashes into the ink. A memorial tattoo will make you feel like your loved one is always nearby.

8. Put the Ashes in a Vinyl Record

Compress the ashes into a vinyl record and enjoy the music, cherishing your deceased family, friends, and even pets forever.

9. Put the Ashes in a Portrait

Mix the ashes with paints to create paintings and portraits. It is a unique way to keep the memory of your loved one well and alive.

10. Add the Ashes to a Sculpture

Another artistic way to honor your loved one is to add their ashes to a sculpture, creating a timeless memorial.

Wrap Up

If your loved one’s body is cremated, you might be confused about what to do with the ashes afterward. There are many beautiful and unique ideas that you may not have considered, including traveling with the ashes, painting with ashes, a sea burial, a woodland burial, getting cremation jewelry, etc.

Whatever you decide, make sure it is respectful to the deceased. It’s also best to discuss it with other family members beforehand.

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