What is Cremation Jewelry?

Memorial Cremations - Cremation Jewelry in Diamond Form

One of the most difficult situations to face when you lose a loved one is the fact that you will not see them anymore, nor hold or hug them. But, I have delightful news for you —  you can still keep them close to you, maybe not in human form but in beloved jewelry.

Cremation jewelry is jewelry made from the cremated remains of a loved one. It is also called memorial jewelry, funeral jewelry, or remembrance jewelry. The ashes can be made into accessories or specific jewelry can be filled with deceased human’s ashes.

The jewelry can typically be in the form of a necklace, locket, pendant, ring, or bracelet. Some types of cremation jewelry can be molded together with the ashes while other types of cremation jewelry are simply filled with the cremated remains of your loved one.

Cremation Jewelry and What Is It

Due to the increasing popularity of cremation in the United States, lots of business ideas related to memorial services including cremation jewelry is continuously emerging and gaining in demand. 

While this options is definitely not cheap at a price point of $2,095 for the base model, you can see there are some beautiful options to consider for cremation jewelry.

Source: Portuguese Cut Cremation Pendant from Collection from Cremation Solutions

Cremation jewelry started a long time ago— roughly around the 17th and 18th centuries. During that time, the families of the deceased would make “mourning rings.” Basically, the mourning rings are inscribed with the dead’s name, date of birth, and date of death. Years later, the families of civilian soldiers started practicing by leaving behind locks of hair before leaving for war in case they would not come home. The locks of hair that they left would then be utilized by their families as memorial jewelry.

Why Do People Want Cremation Jewelry?

Many people are purchasing cremation jewelry because it makes them feel the warmth of their departed loved ones and the jewelries are their way of maintaining a familiar connection with them. While some moral issues hinder the complete acceptance of cremation jewelry, the facts are that more and more people are purchasing these products.

Some people feel that by wearing an accessory which holds the remains of their departed loved ones gives them comfort rather than fear. On some levels, they feel as if the presence of their deceased loved ones are stronger when they are wearing their cremation jewelry. While some prefer an actual portion of ashes filled into the jewelry, some would prefer wearing them discreetly; and by discreetly I mean incorporating or mixing the actual ashes to make a whole new jewelry.

How Do You Turn Ashes Into Jewelry?

Often times, memorial jewelries are a combination of glass and ashes.

First, the glass materials, whether recycled or new, are heated to over 2,000 Fahrenheit. After it liquifies, the ashes are then mixed with it.

Due to the temperature, the ashes will burn off and eventually transforms its color from dull-looking gray to sparkling white. The combination of glass liquid and burnt ashes will then be molded into a jewelry of your choice.

Cremation jewelry varies according to your preferences. You can choose to mix the ashes directly to the jewelry and come up with a brand new piece of accessory.

You can also prefer that to keep at least a part of the actual remains without compromising your good fashion. Also, there is such a thing as miniature urns which are exactly as they sound—miniature. These miniature urns normally come in the form of a necklace or bracelet.

Similar with the typical urns, ashes of your deceased loved ones are filled into the miniature urns. It’s like a locket, only it can have even more meaning to you.

You can also take it to a whole new level by making your loved one’s ashes into a new, elegant, sparkling diamond.

Cremation Diamonds And Why You Should Look Into It

How Do Ashes Turn Into Diamonds?

Diamonds are best known for being one of the most expensive and elegant gemstones that not just anyone can afford. But, how would you feel if you learned that human ashes could be made into a beautiful diamond? 


Memorial diamonds are now gaining popularity worldwide, but what really is the processes of creating these gems?

  1. The ashes are heated in a crucible— a metal or ceramic container— at a temperature of over 5000 Fahrenheit. Heating will continue until all elements, except for the carbon, have oxidized. 
  2. Maintain the process until the carbon becomes graphite, which will take weeks to complete.
  3. Carefully place the graphite together with the diamond seed and metal catalyst.
  4. Put the core in a diamond press that has a temperature of over 2,000 Fahrenheit and pressure set to 800 PSI. This process will also take a couple weeks.
  5. After all these processes has been completed, the graphite will turn into solid crystal, which can now be cut according to your preference and utilized as a diamond.
This cremation diamond starts at $3,499 but it is absolutely stunning.

Source: Colorless Cremation Diamond | Collection from Cremation Solutions

How Much Ashes Are Needed To Make A Diamond?

The required amount of ashes to produce a piece of jewelry varies on the type and size of your preferred accessory.

On the average a human body generates around 5 pounds of ashes when cremated of which a little over 1 pound is needed to continue the process of jewelry-making.

In some cases, the hair of the deceased is also needed in the process. In case the ashes are not sufficient enough, jewelry makers would use synthetic carbon to form the diamond.

Are Cremation Diamonds Real Diamonds?

One of the pressing questions the may come to your mind about cremation or memorial diamonds is whether these diamonds can actually be considered real diamonds. If you ask me, I say yes!

Diamonds are precious gems and so is your departed loved one. Since the human body is 18% carbon and diamonds are essentially made from carbon, it is actually possible to create synthetic diamond using the ashes of the dead.

Cremation Urns

How Do You Fill An Urn Necklace?

The urn necklace is the most common memorial jewelry because compared to other accessories, it is easier to create.

It is so easy that you could actually do it on your own! Maybe it is a little weird but you can save some money by filling the urn necklaces yourself which you could share with your family as momento of your loved one.

  1. To begin filling your urn necklace, the first thing you need to do is to locate the small opening, normally positioned at the top of the miniature urn. Often times these caps are in a form of threaded screw which help to avoid the ashes from spilling later. Typically these types of urn necklaces includes a special screwdriver.
  2. Next, fill the urn necklace with the ashes using a filling funnel and filling sticks, which are typically included as well in the package. To begin transferring the ashes to the urn, you need to put the narrow end of the funnel onto the storage of the necklace and then you may start filling.
  3. The dead’s ashes are not completely fine as a sand, so chances are some elements of the ash could clog in the funnel so use the filling sticks to unclog the funnel and push the ashes straight to the necklace.
  4. Close the lid of the urn necklace and use the screwdriver again to lock the cap.
  5. To ensure that the urn necklace is totally locked and safe, use a sealant to permanently close the urn.
  6. Let the sealant dry for about 12 hours or so before wearing it.

If that is too creepy for you just ask for professional help from the cremation jewelry store or the funeral director —but it is anice to at least have an idea of the whole process. Knowledge is power!

To help you understand more about the process of filling in your departed loved one’s ashes into an urn necklace, take a look at the quick video below.

Where Can I Get Cremation Jewelries and Diamonds?

Due to the increasing demand of cremation services compared to the traditional burial, quite a  number of jewelry shops and funeral businesses in the United States have been offering to create memorial jewelries from rings to bracelets to personalized pendants. 

Below is the list of a few top locations offering this service:

How Much Does It Cost To Turn Ashes Into Diamonds?

Turning our departed loved one’s ashes into diamonds is quite expensive because of the process that it must go through. But, it does not compare to how comforting it is to own something that you could wear for eternity from your deceased loved one’s remains.

The cost to turn ashes into diamonds varies per country. For instance, the average cost in the United States starts at $1,250. In the United Kingdom, it starts at £1,400.00. In Australia it starts at A$2,900. In Germany, the rate begins at €1,600. And in Canada, the cost starts at C$1,800.

I know how hard it is to love a loved one. So take it from me that you should use these options to remember and cherish your time and memories together. Whether it is in a form of a simple necklace, or a dashing diamond, your relationship does not have to be buried together with the physical, mortal body.

I wish you the best of luck and to experience over and over again the time you had together with your loved ones by enjoying your loved one’s memory with any of the many cremation jewelry options.

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